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Coffee Roastery
Coffee Roastery

About us

Everything started when Venerino (Luca & Paola’s father), partner in a coffee plantation in Brazil and involved in green coffee import, decided to open a space for directly roasting the imported green coffee. This passion rubbed off on Venerino’s sons (Luca & Paola) who decided to become roasters.

In his teens Luca started to attend an old Milan coffee roasting in order to learn the art and secrets of roasting, an experience that today allows him to create extraordinary and unique coffee blends by keeping the tradition alive. Paola, on the contrary, handles the administrative side, not only of coffee shop customers, but also of the store located in the same place where all coffee production steps take place.


Contract coffee roasting

Torrefazione Caffè Stramoka handles contract coffee roasting by taking care of:
• Selection & roasting of coffee blends
• Roasted coffee in Blank packaging
• Direct delivery to customer

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Coffee roasting in Treviglio (Italy)

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Our story

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